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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and they told us that yesterday. and as president, i take responsible for that. >> president oma talked to reporters at the white house for about an hour today. tonight we have team coverage of the race results in vginia, maryland, and the district. we begin with news4's julie carey live with more on virginia's 11th congressional district. where incumbent jerry connolly is hanging on to a razor thin lead as the final two precincts were counted. >> reporter: it is one of the clest races ithe country. jerry connolly razor thin lead has grown a little bit bigger over the day. that has happened as election volunteers canvassed the vote polls. all parts of the 11th congressional district. here is a look at t mid afternoon vote totals, thanks to the previously uncommon votes and the provisional ballots that have been accepted. jerry connolly's lead continues to grow. at this hour it now stands at
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921 votes and his camp is confident that winning margin will hold. volunteers from both political parties ghered as they do from every tloek canvas or uble-check the results. it takes on a significance. >> i had machines from two precincts that did not pass. that is the first order of business today. >>ndeed before it could begin work the faulty voting machine that had been locked away overnight, had to be opened. they were printed and tallied. the results, big aer lead for jerry connolly bolstering his victory last night. his campgn manager says the new total convinces him a redown would not change the outcome. >> this is a lead that would be unheard of to be made up in a recount in virginia. >> reporter: but the counting of
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provisional or paper ballots could further changthe numbers. there was no word today fom republican keith fimian. the campaign istanding by a statement issued last night that swlez the canvwhen it is compleh fimian will be a winner. that's what they held up on their signs. >> we're out here win orose to say we still support you, keith. and we do hope that perhaps something will change. >> reporter: once the canvas is completed by friday, certified results will go to the state ard of election in richmond. it is not until that group signs off later in the month that a recount can be officially requested. >> i was just inside the canvassing center. they expect to have it completed by tomorrow afternoon. prince william county completed before. that coming up at 6:00, a look at why the connolly campaign thinks their man will be the
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winner. >> we'll see you then. freshman democrat tom per yello lost against the republican state senator robert hurt in the conservative fifth district in charlottesville, president obama. president obama campaigned for him last friday. >> and mayor o'malley won a decead decisive victory. chris gordon, just back from annapolis. he continues our team coverage. >> reporter: governor o'malley got a little sleepy beginning the day with supporters waving signs. thanking voters for electing him to serve as second rm. then returned to the maryland state house where he received a warm welcome. governor o'malley entered to a standing ovation as he returned to wk in annapolis. >> i feel so blessed to serve
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the people of such a great state, especially in these challenging time. we'll have a couple hard years ahead of us but i know we're up to this. >> reporter: maryland's tax checker, comptroller peter is hope tfl state can meet its challenges. >> frankly, social progress, but fiscal responsibility. i think those two values are not at war with each other. >> reporter: facing a billion-dollar budget deficit, governor o'malley said the state will have to live on a steady diet of cuts and spenng. he proposes no new tax. >> my hope for the second term is that we come out of this miserable hard recession and come out of it before other states. and that we make sure that these next two decades areecades when maryland is a winner in this new economy. >> o'malley won reelection with a 14-point victory oh bob ehrlich. four years ago, the first time they faced off it was a closer
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contest with a six-point differential. coming up tonight, how o'malley beat the trend that favored republican candidates across the country last night. that's ahead in the next hour. back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. >> now back to our breaking top story. the u.s. capitol police have cordoned off an area of the national mall after finding a suspicious gray vehicle and from the air and space museum. john schriffen is live with the deils. what have you learned? >> reporter: wve learned that around 3:15, 3:20, a u.s. park police officer who was on regular patrol was walking by this area around the mall and noticed something suspicious inside a gray vehicle that is parked in front of the air and space museum. i want you to take a loo you can see jefferson drive is closed off between fourth and seventh street right now. there is a ground crew on the scene. they are invtigating this vehicle. the u.s. park policeave not identified which vehicle it is
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in this line of cars. we have learned there is some suspicious material insidene of these vehicles. at this point i want to bring in the sergeant from the u.s. park police. minutes to us what exactly did that paol officer see inside that vehicle? >> you noticed the park police officers, they patrol around the monuments and the memorials are on the lookout for anything that may be suspicious. the officers are very observance. he saw some things that based on his training, that concerned him. once he observed these things, he notified our command. and we instituted these closures. >> we cannot say exactly what was found or seen? >> we don't want to go into details with that. we want to make sure those who want to deal us harm -- >> had a the owner been identified? is there a suspect in question >> i'm not sure on where the detectives are on that part of
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the process. >> for people coming into this area, how long will these streets be closed off tonight? >> that's something we're not sure of right now. when it come to the resolution of these type of incidents, we like to take them slowly and methodically. we don't have too much of a profound traffic impact. theajor cross streets, 7th and fourth streets, haven't been affected. >> thank you for joining us. here with the very latest, a very active scene outside the mall. if you are coming into this area, know that jefferson drive is closed off at least for the next few hours. we're live at the mall. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we now know what sparked that massive high rise fire in northwest d.c. it left dozens homeless. jackie is live with the latest. >> reporter: d.c. fire investigators ve finished their investigation of the studio apartment where the fire
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began. they have concluded the blaze that damaged the windsor house yesterday was caused by an unattended handle. now, residents were allowed back in very briefly tie get medication and other necessities. a fair damage group has dozens of employees on the scene. you can hear them working behind me. you'll remember the scene from yesterday with flames blowing out of the windows of the top floor apartment. a very scary situation. frightened residents were waiting to be rescued by d.c. firefighters. it is very possible, we're will, those who live on the lower floors will be able to return home tonight. however, the upper floors are still off limits. >> it won't be ready tonight for us so we'll go stay th friends, i think. >> we have seen you're taking a really, really good attitude about it. >> it is really creepy. sounexpected. i think everything will be okay and it soundsike nobody got
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hurt. >> reporter: investigators believe that fire burned for quite a long time before it was discoved. back to you. >> all right. thank you. turning to the weather. grab the umbrella, folks, the rain is rolling into our region. >> doug,t won't be pretty, is it? >> it really won't. it will be a little nasty. you'll need umbrellas but you'll also need the coats out there. this will be a rather chilly rain as well. that's what you expect during month of november. the clouds continue to roll in here. those clouds coming ahead of the storm syem. we did reach a high. a little earlier of about 57 degrees. now down to 54. winds out of the south, southwest at about seven miles per hour. thatas helped warm temperatures up from where they were over the last couple of days. 51 in hagerstown. 52 in sterling and 53 toward quantico. here the clouds. you can see the rain to the sow and well to the west. it will move in overnight and be here by tomorrow morning. so 9:00, around 50. 49 degrees by 11:00. the rain moves in around 2:00 to
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3:00 a.m. with periods of rain. some of at could be heavy during rush hour tomorw. highs tomorrow may not get out of the 40s for some of us. you can combine that with the rain and it make for a rather nasty thursday. i'll show you how long this will stick around. >> right now, the search is on for suspect in this video bure to see. police say two men pulled out handguns and robbed a thrift store in the the area of fairfax county. you cannot really see them. they covered it up pretty well. tuesday morning, this occurred at the unique thrift store on gal owes road. it was reported on surveillance camera. they kicked everyone out of the store. made off with some cash. no one was hurt and despite the surveillance camera,ou really did not get a good look at them. oh, well. still ahead, the testimony continue in the chandra levy murder trial. also coming up, saved by
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strangers. police recruits jump into action to rescue a driver trap in a sinking car. crimes connected. investigators now say the shooting at a coasguard recruiting office is linked to four other attack on local military officials. and it is the last enstallment of our weight loss challee. did diet or exercise prevl? find out during our final weigh-in. .
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which is more effective? diet or exercise? >> doreen has spent the last four months trying to figure this out. >> this is a highly unsign ticic experiment. two women aged to follow our program. one, a strict diet. but skipping out on exercise. the other, wanted to work out a lot but wast really interested in keeping track of what she's eating. we've been following both of them to see who would lose the most weight. tonight we have the final results. for the last four months, 25-year-old samantha castleberry and 27-year-old lindsay mitchell have taken on a challenge to figu out the most effective way to lose weight. samantha has been focusing on
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her diet. >> when you think you're eating right, sometime you're not. >> samantha says staying healthy is a challenge because she works 12 hours a day at her horse farm, cherokee wind, and usually doesn't have time to cook healthy meal or exercise. she's been working with the nutritionist alanna sugar. >> she just came alive when we cut her back on the carbohydrates. >> lindsay, on the other hand, has been focusing on exercise. she is a full time student who doesn't want to skip out on dinner and help a hos with her friends but she is also a natural athlete. so instead of taking on a diet, e is amped up her workouts, getting to the g six days a week. she has been working with the balance gym trainer, ben. >> the strength training has been going really well. and as far as her conditioning, getting excellent. >> people are starting to notice that i look different. >> now it's time for the final weh-in. when we first met samantha four months ago, she weighed 268
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pounds. her waist measured 40.5 inches and her hip, 54.5. now she has lost ten pounds. her waist is 3.75 inches smaller and her hip have shrunk two inch. lindsay started at 247 pounds. her waist, 44.5. her hips, 53. today she has lost 21 pounds. her waist shrunk half an inch and her hip are down 2 2 inches. they're both successful, but the as we loss winner here, exercise. experts say that's not always going to be the case. washington hospital cenr intern icht dr. a.m. donna gordon said she was surprise that had lindsay was successful. >> my suspicion is the individual who was exercising lost more weight, then it must be, they must have been in a very, very aggressive exercise program. >> dr. gordon has done her own weight loss studies with her patients. she says the most effective way
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to shed extra pounds is different for everyone. that's because factors like stress and t amount of sleep we get can impact our metabolism. but for mostpeople, she says, eir best bet is a combination of diet and exercise. >> to sit there and watch your belt get smaller and your jean size go down, that means a lot. >> it shows the hard work eventually will kind of pay off. >> pretty clearly, they are both winners go, right? lindsay told us that even though she remain focused on all that exercise, as she began to lose weight she said she started to gravate toward a healthier diet naturally. she found herself skipping out on happy hour to go to the gym and work out. so exercise wi but bothwomen lost weight and inches. >> and six days she exercis a week. that's a lot. >> but the woman who did the diet lost more inches than
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lindsay did. >> samantha lost five and a quarter inches. i see, hoisting the bags and mucking out stalls. it doesn look like she is active, does it? >> that's not a sedentary lifestyle. >> so a combination of both is probably best. >> thanks. >> it has been fun. fun for me to watch. >> in other news for your health, omega thr fatty acids founin fish oil up is policemens are often touted as memory protectors but a new study suggests they won't help alzheimer's patients. research found four hundred patients in the early stage, after 18 months, they say there was no cognitive benefit for those taking omega three. allow, experts say it has other health benefits like lowering your cholesterol and reducing your rick of hardened arteries. we have some cold, rainy weather heading our way.
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it will get real wintry. >> my parents are coming up from florida. >> not good timing. >> they're like hey, sweetheart, how is the weather going to be? sorry,mom. it's going to be rather rainy tomorrow. rather chilly tomorrow and i think the wind will pick up tomorrow as well. so kind of a nasty thursday out there. i'll tell you what. it is going to get a lot cooler as we head into the weekend as well. so get out the umbrellas. outside right now, the clouds ve continued to make their way in and they will do so overnight as well. they will continue to increase, thicken and lower. the temperature now, 54 degrees. not a bad afternoon as we saw the temperatures reach upwards of 57, 58 degrees. that's the warmest we've seen in the last couple days. winds at about sen miles per hour. the temperature around the region. 51 in martinsburg. 55 in culpepper and 54 out there toward the air force base nr clinton. here's the rain. here's the storm system. way down toward southern portions of arkansas. another area of low pressure that is trying to form right now
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f the carolina coast. these will come together in a cold front. a third area of low pressure will move down from canada. that's the cold front with much lder air behind it. we'll focus now on the storm right off the coastal it is going to take shape along the coast. give us rain overnight through the day tomorrow. it will be a very cool rain. and as the storm wraps up, we'll see more rain during the day on friday now. at least friday early. and then that storm system will move out. in behind it, much colder air and rather windy conditions and even some snow back here toward the appalachians. the western portion of the appalachians toward pittsrgh. this could be lake effect snow. we could be talking about the first lake effect event so far this year and i think there could be a lot of them out there this winter. what will we see along the i-95 corridor? about three quarters of an inch, maybe more. most of the rain willtay to the east, back to the west. back towd the mountains. a quarter inch to a half inch there. this evening, staying dry.
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but find the umbllas now. 50 to 54 degrees. if you look now, maybe you can beat somebody nelson your house and get the best umbrella. tomorrow morning, periods of rain. some heavy, 41 to 56 degrees. then through the day we'll see periods of rain. i think it will become lighter during the day. the wind willick up so quite chilly. 48 to 52 for a high. as we move through the next four days, look at these number. 51 on friday. only 48 on saturday. >> so your folks are packing their umbrellas. they're listening to you will. >> and their coats and umbrellas, the heating pad. >> meanwhile, we're all going to head to miami. >> that's where we're going. you want to know where bed bugs are taking over? apparently there is now an app for that. >> reporter: george washington university, the school that is now home to the nation's first transgender basketball player. what that means coming up.
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> where are these sheep going? a new nightclub openedn new york city and they're going to take us there. we're going to find out what this was all about.
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basketball star john walls making more moves off the court. >> people with iphones to fight
5:25 pm
back against bed bugs. >> some shp make a wild getaway. all stories that make you say -- what? in turkish. >> last night was 6'4" john wall's first regular season game with the wizards. from kentucky. the guard wowed th crowd with his unique version of the dance. we'll bring that to you a little later on. >> we'll do it for you. >> called him a rubber tube as he join h tale mates on the court. and yes, it is a riot. dance moveset up a good vibe with fan and the wizards beat the 76ers. what a game in overtime. >> you can imagine how quiet it s. >> are you worried about bed bugs when you travel? there is an app for that. it is called bed bugalert. a new jersey man invented it. it collects data from news reports and people who just write in about where the bed bugs are biting.
5:26 pm
that information pops up on what look like a weather map. the most recent sightings appear in red. >> that's not good. >> that's what your skin looks like after you've been arou some bed bugs. the inventor says you can check for bugs within a few feet of where you're standing. >> that's how i want to spend my time. dozens of animal at a slaughterhouse figured out which 28 wind was blowing and they made their escape. police say there were about 150 sheep and goats. a couple of cows, too, racing through the town of look wanna. police and neighbor spent the evening trying to herd they will. the owner says he's not sure how they got out. may be they're just smart. >> okay. that so depresses me. >> they got away. a happy endg. okay. we have five shootings connected to o mystery gunman. what we don't know is why. the latest on the attacks on the military facilities going to in our area
5:27 pm
plus a battle of safety versus savings. voters reject ambulance fees, putting dozens of job in jeopardy. >> reporter: good samaritans come to the aid of a man who was trapped under his car in this pond. i'll have th hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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a fast forward through headlines. jerry connolly hole as thin lead over keith fimian in the race for virginia's 11th congressional district. right now a canvas is underway to double-check the results. it is expected to be repeat tomorrow. a recount can't be finished until the sign-off. a decisive victory over the closely watched rematch with his former governor bob ehrlich. the democrat got 56% of the vote compared to 42% for ehrlich. governor'malley acknowledged maryland has had a few hard years and has a few hard years but the state is going forward. and unattended candles for yesterday's horrible fire at a d. high rise. it happened in the top floors of the windsor house apartments in northwest. five people were rushed to the hospital. nearly two dozen lost their
5:31 pm
home. crews spent the afternoon sitting through the damage. residents were allowed to stop by and pick up what is left of their belonging today. three anne arundel recruits are being honored after they helped save a man's life. >> it happened tuesday night when the recruits saw a car crash through a fence, and land on its side on a re10:00 pond. the good samaritans yelled for people to jump in to rescue the drive. jane watrel joins us from the newsroom wit more on at happened next. >> reporter: authorities say there is no doubt in their minds that the driver would have drowned, if not for the actions of the recruits who just happened to be driving by on their way to a restaurant. >> as we were driving, we heard the huge bang, huge boom. >> the crash, you know, the boom. noise. and in, somebody crashed. >> reporter: it was a sight these anne arundel police recruits will never fget.
5:32 pm
seemingly out of nowhere a driver lost control of his suv and slipped into a retention pond near annapolis road and martin luther king highway and was trapped underwater. in the blink of an eye, the recruits pulled over to help. >> the water came up to my waist. the mud came up to probably my knees. trudging through there was a task but it got done and we got to him. >> when i got there, all i say was his mouth-stick out of water and i heard him say help. that's when i knew,hat's where i need to be. i got there and held his head up out of the water. >> it seem like forever that we were in the water. and the firefighters got there and we were finally able to hook a winch to the vehicle and pull it up enough and gethe jaws of life down to pry the vehicle away from the victim. >> reporter: the recruise stayed with the victim until the firefighters and paramedic got to the scene and took oval another 30 minutes later, the 20-year-old driver was freed. and rushed to a nearby hospital.
5:33 pm
where doctors credit the good samaritans for helping him to survive. their professor could not be prouder. >> it is nothing in the world like serving the public. they are calling. it is to serve and protect the public. to become a police officer is a vocation and this is part of their mission. >> reporter: a teachable moment that is not lost on the recruit who gives credito their instructors. >> i'm glad that it was the three of us that were there. we acted without thinking. we knew what to do. we went in and did it and got the job done andwe did all that we could do with what we had. at last report, the driver is in critical condition but is expected to survive. as for the recruits, they will graduate from rund community college's police academy program in may. >> nice story, jane. they're all connected. the shooting at the coast guard recruiting station in prince william county has been linked to the shootings at the other milita buildings in virginia.
5:34 pm
four locations have been hit by fire. the penn, the recruiting station in chantilly, the national museum of the marine corps at quanti quantico and the coast guard recruiting station. ballistic tests show this is connected to the shoot frgz last month. no one h been hurt in these shootings. our top story, u.s. park police are still on the seep of a suspicious vehicle found near the national mall this afternoon. the area between for you and seventh seats along jefferson drive and madison drive northwest has been closed off. you're taking a live look at the scene where crews say a police offir spotted a gray vehicle in front of the air and space museum around 3:30 this afternoon. they tell us the car does have some type of suspicious material inside it. the bomb squad is in the area inspecting the car right now.
5:35 pm
the area between fourth and seventh streets has been closed off to drivers and pedestrians. now back to decision 2010. votersn montgomery county said no tohose controversial ambulance fees. that ballot measure was rejected 54-46%. county leers threatened to lay off 89 fire and rescue workers and park ambulances if it failed. >> reporter: montgomery county voters defeated an ambulance fee referendum. it was 54% for and 46% against. supporters of the fee are accusing volunteer firefighters of lying to voters. telling them they would be personally charged for calling an ambulance. >> every time i listen to people, they lied. every single time they lied. and so not only did it mislead people as to what the bill would
5:36 pm
do but they created fear in people and i find that despicable. >> that absolutely incorrect. we have documented facts that we've given to the county council. they've been available to the executive to prove everything we've said is correc >> the referendum would have general celebrated $14 million each year through fees ranging from $they hundred to $800. avoiding cuts to personnelnd services. supporters stay fees would have been billed to the insurance companies, not to the tients. but critics say that could cause the rates to go up. >> there have been several insurance companies off the medicare and medicaid who have stated their prices will have to go up. >> reporter: anoth issue is whether having the fees would discourage sick people from calling 911. critics say it would. supporters say it wont would not. >> if you're suffering a serious illness or a heart attack, you're calling an ambulance. and the fee is the least of your worries. >> reporter: the county executive who supported the fee
5:37 pm
has said its defeat would mean decommissioning ambulances and laying off more than 100 reer firefighters. opponents say those teats are scare tactic. darcy spencer, news4. >> all right. we are just getting started here at 5:30. a big half-hour ahead. wi capital one bank's new checking with rewards, me and the boys earn rewards just for everyday banking. like getting money from the drive thru. a taking out cash at the bank. paying our bills online earns us rewards. now send. we even earn rewards just for swiping our debit cards. it's new checking with rewards at capal one banks all over the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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jim vance joins with look at what's coming u at 6:00.
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>> we'll follow latest developments as police investigate that suspicious car near the air and space museum downtown. a massive storm heading toward haiti. we'll take a closer look at what's being done to help the people in that country still trying to recover from an earthquake. and family d friends honoring a d.c. police officer. paul was killed in the line of duty. later in the broadcast, a guy from florida went all the way to australia to make the catch of a lifetime. we tell you what it was. it was big, suffice to say that. >> thank you. we'll see you in a few. our wednesday's child is a 15-year-old who thinks she would like to be a police officer someday. >> she said she wants to lp people. barbara harrison takes us to meet andrea. >> hi, andrea. i'm barbara. i'm so happy to see you. i hear that you want to be a poli officer someday. is that right? >> yes. >> i think you're going to enjoy what we're doing today.
5:41 pm
>> okay. >> get to see what it's like to be aolice chief. d.c. policchief kathy welcomed us. >> nice to meet you. welcome. >> on the wall of her office, there were signs of the importance of police work in the nation's capital. she showed andrea around and shared some of the interesting aspects of had he j and what it takes to be chosen for the force. she asked the chief about her first job as an officer. >> what is your first assignment as a policeman? a police officer? >> my first assignment was walking a ft beat in the fourth district. >>ndrea listened closely to the chief's answers to her questions. those who know andrea say she is a bright girl who unfortunately has been without a real home and family forost of r life. >> andrea has been in care since january 01. she was brought in because of neglect. she has had multiple place mts.
5:42 pm
she's had group homes and relatives. >> what do you think you wanto be when you grow up? >> a police officer. >> what's your favorite subject? >> math. >> do you do well in math? >> yes. >> outside we met red with his trainer from the bomb squad. she was impressed with how smart red is. she said she has always wanted a family with a dog. >> a mother, a father, kids and a pet. >> i'm lookg for a family that can help andrea learn how to trust again. somebody who will love her and care for her and accept her for all the good qualities she has to offer. >> not a dog but a cute police panda. she warned her to keep it away from dogs like red. >> he would love to have this. >> thank you. >> you're welcome, sweheart. >> barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your me and heart for andrea or another child waiting, please call our
5:43 pm
special adoption hotline at 1-888-to adopt me. >> our policehief has a very big heart. >> yes, she does. it was nice seeing them together. still ahead, more twists and tus in the chandra levy murder trial. the accused killer's pen pal takes the stand. and coming up in sports, dan sits down withlex ovechkin
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5:46 pm
the pen pal to guandique said he said he was in prison for a dea girl. >> reporter: there is a woman from miami named maria. she likes to correspond with prison inmates. and it turns out she wroteo and spoke with ingmar guandique. outside the courthouse, not much from maria mendez. on the stand, a different story. >> the pep pal of accused killer ingmar guandique. now several years ago, while guandique was in jail, but before he was charged in the chandra levy case, mendez exchanged letters with guandique. mendez said she asked him why he was in jail. he send me a letter, she said. it was like a list of crimes he
5:47 pm
did. he mentioned a dead girl. that scared me. today we got translated transcripts of record phone call between mendez and the jailed guandique. mendez. the thing abouthat you told me about the girl who is dead, you know, those things scare me, right? guandique. yes. mendez. i need to feel safe. i don't, you can. the thing that there is a murder of a woman that scares me. guandique. yes. guandique. how old are you? >> endez, 40. i'm telling you, i could be your mother. guandique. it doesn't matter. for love, age doesn't matter. 29-year-old ingmar guandique.
5:48 pm
charged in the murder of chandra levy. the skeletal remain of a 24-year-old intern found in rock creek park back in may 2002. she had been missing for about a year. guandique is doing time in jail for attacking two other women in that park. in court today, a parade of fbi experts. they say they found no confirm evidence of blood. no confirmed evidence of semen. no confirmed edence of fingerprints at the chandra levy crime scene. ck to you. >> pat collins live on the case for you. let's get another check on the forecast. >> it will be a little nasty over the next couple days. if you have anerrands, you might want to run them this evening. take a look out there. temperature, 54 degrees under most cloudy skies. about seven-mile-per-hour. overnight, t temperatures a little bit warmer than where they have been. 46 degrees in the d.c. area.
5:49 pm
37 toward winchester. expect rain to develop after midnight. about 2:00, 3:00. it could get heavy tomorrow. rain moving in. the heaviest rain between 6:00 and ten clog a.m. that es include portio of the rush hour. some low visibility and then becoming breezy late in the day. that will keep things cool. high tomorrow, only 52. 51 on fday with a pretty good chance for some shower activity, and a lot cooler on saturday. the highs on saturday only around 48 degrees. it's coming. >> thank you, doug. turning now to sports. dan hellie is live. >> reporter: the caps and the maple leafs looking for the fourth win in five games. once aga, the reigning rookie of the month, michal neuvirth. he has allowed 1.2 goals per ga. at ranks second. he is finally getting going
5:50 pm
after a seven-goal explosion against caary over the week. alex ovekin said things might be coming around. >> just the one game. we have to see what's going to happen in the future. the one game, this isn't oh. just the beginning. just like the start of the year, i think. >> you play on that line, the back stroke. you combined for ten points. how much fun is that to play with? >> it doesn't matter. you play with the combo. it just matters if the team wins. you can have a four-point but the team loses, if you're by yourself, you don't feel good about your tale. it was a pretty exciting night. >> we're always asking everybody he will about ovi. so i'm going to put the shoe on the other foot. you guys are very lucky to have two good goalies.
5:51 pm
michal neuvirth is playing out of his mind. what iit that make him so special? >> confidence. don't make lots of rebounds and he keeps us in the game sometimes. so i hope in the future -- >> everybody when we ask them about you said that youaven't changed from the day you got here until now. i'm curious about coach. i'm seeing all these funny commercials and he's dancing and he go. has he changed atall? >> it is the same bruce. it is a commercial. nothing special. >> you think dancing is thing special? >> no. dancing in the locker room, you guys just don't see it. >> he tries to dance in the locker room? >> sometime >> is it ugly? >> no. >> on head coach bruce boudreau. i hope you get to see that dancing coach sometime soon. if you haven't seen the commercis, it is pretty good.
5:52 pm
they're dancing on sta. a more serious story now. imagine being a woman but feeling like you're a man inside. now imagine being that woman who is applying a women's basketball team. that is happening at gw university as we speak. ky allenes is a junior at gw and lieved to be if first division one basketball playe to publicly come out and say they are transgender. ky alice this afternoon. she was formally known kk. he changed his name and informed teammates he wanted to be referred to as a man. he said he would eventually he sexual resim surgery and take hormone treatments. right now he is a junior and still a femalend allowed to play on the women's basketball team. >> i am a male on a female team and i want toe clear about that. i am a transgender male which mean like feeling wise, how it feels on the inside.
5:53 pm
i feel as i should have been born male withale parts. but like my biological sex is female which makes may transgender male. >> i feel relieved. i don't have to keep telling everybody. i'm pretty sure everybody knows w. >> that was ky allen who's plays on the gw women's basketball team. changed his name from kk. will be referred to as a he after the senior season two years from now. his plans to have sexual reassignment surgery. a very interesting sto and i can't tell you how normal the press conference seemed. we went in there. nobody really knowing what to expect. but ky is just a charming individual and seem to be handling this very well in what is seemingly a difficult situation. he is making the best of it. we'll have a lot more coming up at 6:00 as i go one-on-one with kyle. >> we saw this with chastity
5:54 pm
bono who did the same thing. she said she felt better being a man so she had that same transgender operation and made the switch. it is much more open and people are talking about it and much more accepting of it and understanding of it. but it is interesting. >> we promised you some video of a dancing john wall earlier. we'll do you one better. d.c. mayor vincent gray was doing a victory dance. how he will shape his new administration.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
vincent gray sought to get off to a good start today. >> he appointed a veteran team of city leaders to guide his transition into office before he is sworn in on january 2. but rst, he did some celebrating. john sherwood takes a look. >> reporter: the current chairman of the d. council easily won the general election tuesday despite 27,000 write-in votes for defeated mayor adrian fenty. gray health his victory party as news4 first reported monday at a northeast nightclub called love whose owners owed the city more than $860,000 in back tax. gray told news4 he had been unaware of the tax debt but declined to move the victory party to another site. he surround himself with d.c. government and community affairs leaders who will make up the
5:58 pm
transition team covering appointments, economic development, transportation and the city's looming budget crisis. >> you and everybody in this room knows virtually everybody standing up re. we've certainly looked at the history and they have a very distinguished history. so -- >> reporte gray appointed the nationally known economist who once help the control board to oversee issues the city faced. gray also appointed anthony william to work with him but williams was on business in boston wednesday. and gray appointed little known businessman rubin charles to be execute dector of his transition team. a businessman who first met gray only last may. gray declinedo let charles swer any questions. >> can we flare mr. charles? >> no. >> we haven't heard from him at all. >> reporter: mostly he was upbeat promising to work with the new republicans on capitol hill and to disclose any private funds he used for his
5:59 pm
transition. >> we will make it clear who is giving us money. we'll make it clear how the money was spent. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> i like the dancing better. now it is sitting around the table down to business. >> i'm telling you, eleanor was busting a move last night. love to see that. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. the clouds are building, some stormy weather is moving into our region. >> a de stating earthquake, a cholera outbreak and now haiti is threatened by a hurricane. >> robe over calls that tried to suppress voter trnt in maryland are being investigat as a felony. >> we begin with the bomb squad called out to the national mall. good evening. >> a suspicious vehicle is in front of the air and space museum. the area between fourth and sevest


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